Dog pulls my arm off during walks. Help!

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Published on Friday, 09 October 2009 00:10
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Dear Good Dog

Walking my dog is a misery. She keeps pulling!

Sore Arm

Dear SoreArm                                                                                                                                                        

Dogs do not understand the connection between the collar choking them as they try to pull forward and you at the end of the leash. All they know is that something is digging into their neck as they pull forward. As dogs can tolerate a lot of pain they just pull harder.  You should not "pull" back when the dog strains forward but simply give a "correction" which is a sharp and quick jerk of the leash (holding the leash short) with a sound..."No Pulling!". This way they can connect the collar/leash to you.  Eventually you will be able to simply say "no pulling"  without jerking the leash.

The BEST method I have found is the "Haltie" halter.  It goes over their head and around their snout with the leash attached under the snout. It looks like a muzzle but it isn't. The dog can open its mouth and drink water. It works because they cannot "pull" their head forward. It takes no effort to pull their head back. It's fantastic. The dog may try to paw it off but just keep them walking and their attention on you. It should stop the dog from pulling in one or two walks as it gets used to it.

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