Dept. of Homeland Security Training Shelter Dogs

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Category: Animal Issues and Pets
Published on Sunday, 26 September 2010 10:04
Written by Dianne Lawrence
Department of Homeland Security revises security dog program!

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced that it will consider shelter dogs for its security dog programs.

The original plan called for several selected breeders to produce thousands of purebred Shepherd, Labs, and Retrievers for the program, but after a persuasive letter-writing campaign sponsored by and PETA, the DHS reconsidered the option of using shelter dogs for the security program.

If you are involved with a shelter and would like to nominate a dog for the program, you can submit a proposal to the Department of Homeland Security at this address:

Att: Unsolicited Proposal
Officer Training and Development Division
Program Directorate
Office of Procurement
Customs and Border Protection Agency
1310 PA Ave, NW
Washington DC

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