Barking Dog Nuisance

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Category: Animal Issues and Pets
Published on Wednesday, 28 December 2011 23:10
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Is that non stop barking neighbor’s dog driving you crazy?

You have talked to the owner who treats you with disdain and a curt dismissal?   You have complained to Animal Regulation (because it is actually illegal) but the hearing process takes a year and while you wait you are having dark fantasies about the dogs demise. Well Rest Easy! The City Council voted 12 – 0 to pass a new ordinance that would impose heavy fines, $250 first offence, $500 second and $1,000 a third time whether or not the dog is licensed.  All you need is an animal regulation officer to witness the offense. Home video would also help. A dog’s barking is considered excessive if it continues for 10 minutes or more or barks intermittently for 30 minutes or more in a three hour period.  Brenda Barnette, General Manager of the Animal Services Department response to the complaint that the fines may be too steep and that dogs are meant to
bark to warn the family, by claiming warning barks were not the issue.

“If a dog just stays out and barks and barks, that’s really not reasonable.”

Mayor Villaraigosa is expected to sign the new ordinance and it will go into effect before the end of the year.

(editors is also illegal to chain your dog in the yard as a lifestyle. If you see this, report it to your local Animal Services.)


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