Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

Keep Your Dog Warm This WinterUnless your dog is a breed with a thick double coat, the cold weather will be a source of misery for your pup. Many dogs are not bred to withstand the cold. Try to bring her in at night or provide lots of thrift store blankets and an old sofa…

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Free Spay and Neuter

Free Spay and Neuter Every year, millions of cats and dogs of all ages and breeds are euthanized or suffer as strays. These high numbers are the result of unplanned litters that could have been prevented by spaying or neutering. THE AMANDA FOUNDATION MOBILE CLINICOffers FREE spay and neuter services for dogs and cats…

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Dept. of Homeland Security Training Shelter Dogs

Department of Homeland Security revises security dog program! The Department of Homeland Security recently announced that it will consider shelter dogs for its security dog programs. The original plan called for several selected breeders to produce thousands of purebred Shepherd, Labs, and Retrievers for the program, but after a persuasive…

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What Happened to Michael VIck's Pit Bulls?

What Happened to Michael VIck's Pit Bulls?The little black-and-white dog knocked into furniture and hid things in his crate. He couldn’t go up or down stairs, didn’t know how to climb onto a couch. Flushing toilets and clanging pots sent him running from the room. He wasn’t a bad dog—he simply didn’t know any better; he’d…

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PITBULL PRINCESS, CLAUDIA BATIUKBRINGING LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING TO A MISUNDERSTOOD DOG Inside an anonymous warehouse on Washington Blvd. lies a brilliant rose hued haven for disadvantaged pit bulls.  Be they rescued or abandoned, these temporary kennel guests will be loved, adored, re-educated, and hopefully, one day, adopted. One such “pit bull princess” is…

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ASPCA Rescues and Rehabilitates Dog Fighting Pit Bulls

This past July, the ASPCA assisted in collecting forensic evidence and conducting behavior evaluations of rescued dogs in a federal and multi-state investigation that led to one of the toughest crackdowns on dog fighting in U.S. history. Raids were conducted on various dog fighting operations in eight states, resulting…

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If you feed feral and stray cats in LA County, help is on the way!

As a result of a a recent correspondence to the LAtrappers list regarding the formation of a new LA Feeders group, 23 people feeding 250 strays have asked to be a part of this new initiative (see locations below). All have shown an interest in joining a close-knit network of…

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Cultured Cats

Cultured CatsRare Books and Rare Kitties Recently the story of a cat named Dewey climbed the bestselling book list, a library cat from Spencer, Iowa who liked to hide in the Westerns section. Well, Spencer’s got nothing on West Adams, because we got library cats, Renaissance library cats.  Seven of them.  Meet…

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Should I Change My Pet's Diet As It Ages?

Should I Change My Pet's Diet As It Ages?NO. If your pet is doing fine on the food you feed it, there’s no need to change anything. If she’s experiencing problems related to aging such as constipation, or kidney or liver disease, follow these rules: Dogs need fiber. In general, healthyolder dogs need a diet that’s lower in calories…

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My Dog Won't Stop Scratching

I have a three year-old Yorkie. For the last year, he's been scratching and scratching like crazy. I've tried switching his food, changing his shampoo, vitamin sprays, everything. I don't know what to do! Please can you help my poor Yorkie? He's losing hair in a few areas on his…

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