Unlimited Cellular Scholarship Program

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Published on Thursday, 17 May 2018 16:34
Written by Dianne Lawrence
Unlimited Cellular $1,800 Scholarship Program

Unlimited Cellular $1,800 Scholarship Program. 


At Unlimited Cellular, we believe that higher education is essential in the professional development of our younger generation and, as such, we've decided to grant them an alternative funding option, by offering them a chance to win a US $1,800.00 scholarship.


To be eligible for this scholarship program, the successful applicant should meet the following criteria:



To apply for our scholarship program, you will need to submit an essay detailing your response to the following questions:

"How has your online shopping experience changed over the years?" and why we should grant you this scholarship?

The essay should be at least 400-words long and written in a Word doc. The document should be titled “ Unlimited Cellular Scholarship Application".

The application should contain all the following information:

The submission deadline is November 30th, 2018. All applications will be reviewed based on originality, grammar, research, and the student's GPA.

The winner of the scholarship will be notified via e-mail. If the applicant fails to respond within five business days, then the prize will be awarded to the second-best candidate.

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