#2 McCarty School Comment: From the Editor

Dear anonymous West Adams Avenues resident.  Thank you for your response below regarding the McCarty Church school. I appreciate your information and encourage reaction and dialogue. As a result of your information and other information that has come my way I plan on doing a larger article on this issue. I had been waiting for the right time to do a thorough investigation and clearly now is that time.

If you could reduce your letter to about 200 words I will print it in our next hard copy issue with a note to check out the website for more info. I do have a question and perhaps you can answer it.... you state "The school at the McCarty property was operating in a 60 year old, three story, Type V building. Current code does not permit a school to operate at all in a building of this kind. An application for a permit and CofO to change the use of this building to a school would almost certainly have resulted in a request from the LA Department of Building and Safety to produce engineering studies to demonstrate safety, or engineering proposals to remedy unsafe conditions" So I wonder why, if your information is correct, a nursery school and a dance school were allowed in the building without any interference from the community or Building and Safety or zoning or a need for them to come into compliance with the codes you refer to? Why didn't the concerns for "earthquake safety" apply to them? I'm not asking this to be smart, I sincerely would like to know. Regarding CD10's influence in this issue....my point was that they did nothing to help resolve this serious issue between the community, the agencies and the school. Aren't you concerned about this? Isn't this CD10's job? And according to my sources when it was discovered that the school was (I will now call it allegedly) exempt, a call from CD10 allegedly did advice Building and Safety to enforce the issue of imposing a conditional use on the school. Since I know for certain CD10 has interfered with other city agencies regarding other issues, it was not an unfair leap for me to accept this information. Unfortunately city employees who have shared this kind of information will not allow it on record, will deny having said it for obvious reasons. So these are sources which must be protected from potential retribution. I have had the experience of a Fire Captain feeling this retribution from Wesson's office for simply giving me information about a meeting between him and Wesson. The issue of CD10 imposing their agenda on city agencies is a very serious abuse of their power and as such I am willing to risk sticking my neck out to say that it does happen when I have information that it has. But we will be doing a larger investigation, look into all of this information, I am sure Save Our Future will be responding to your information and I will be happy to clarify any confusing or inappropriate or mistaken information on my part, McCarty's part or your part. And I am happy to print your letter in the next issue if you can reduce it to about 200 words. Thanks for your willingness to take the time to send us your information.



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