Paycuts For Our Councilman?

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Category: Eye On Wesson
Published on Tuesday, 06 April 2010 11:38
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Councilman Wesson, along with other councilmembers, enjoys one of the highest government salary’s in the nation, $178,789.

Yet while thousands of city employees are losing their jobs, taking pay cuts or are going on furloughs, he is among 7 Councilmembers who has, so far,  refused to take a pay cut.  Mayor Villaraigosa took a 16% cut, with most of the other Councilmembers taking a 5% cut. Herb says “at the appropriate time I will take one. I’m so caught up in other things, I’ve just had a death on my staff. I will get to it in a timely fashion.”
The  other councilmembers who have refused the cuts are  Bernard Parks, Bill Rosendahl, Greig Smith, Richard Alarcon, Paul Krekorian and Tony Cardenas.

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