16th Place/CIM wall Follow Up APRIL 2012

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Category: Eye On Wesson
Published on Saturday, 07 April 2012 16:45
Written by Dianne Lawrence

As promised, TNN continues to keep updates on the efforts of the 16th Place residents to engage Councilman Wesson in their effort to resolve the many problems created by the overnight installation of a cement wall by the CIM development company.

This wall has destroyed their pricless views of the Hollywood Hills, property values and has added a host of other serious problems. In our last installment we reported that the list of actions Councilman Wesson promised to take for them resulted in months of ignored emails and cancelled meetings.

On Feb. 23 they were finally able to have a meeting with a CD10 rep and a rep from CIM to talk about planting vegetation to help absorb noise, pollution and cover the visual blight. As of April 1, 2012  there continues to be no follow up from Councilman Wesson’s office for any of the promised acitons.



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