#5 McCarty School Comment: Editors response 2

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Category: Resident Editorials
Published on Monday, 29 November 1999 16:00
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Thank you for your willingness to articulate your concerns. I am glad this important issue is on the table. Of course I expected a response from the community who fought against the school and am glad that their position and point of view is being aired. A few things....more information is coming and will be posted on this site.

Stay tuned. TNN is happy to correct any mistakes and as information comes forward, any mistakes or errors made will be addressed. Because Wessons office "turned over" the issue to city agencies is no guarantee that he stayed out of it. When he made his decree regarding the traffic barriers in our community he claimed the rest of the process was up to the residents and kept publicly stating that his involvement was over. But records request showed that through his deputy Sylvia Lacy, CD10 was intimately involved for years with making sure the process moved forward to get barriers installed in our community. Records also showed CD10 giving false information to city agencies to assure forward movement. So it is clear that his office does this sort of thing. More information is coming. Have we handled this perfectly, I will readily admit it could have been handled more responsibly. And as more information comes to light, we will be happy to correct if necessary. The issue is getting a public hearing and all sides are given a chance to express their views. This is good news.


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