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Category: Resident Editorials
Published on Monday, 29 November 1999 16:00
Written by Charlotte Jordan

From Charlotte Jordan

I want to thank Dianne for providing a forum for the neighbors who fought against this school, to lay out their complaints. The implication in these comments that we were a rogue group taking advantage wherever we could and who willfully ignored due process is offensive at worst and mistaken at best.

It is offensive to Diane Watson who worked hard to support the creation of this project and offensive to our legal advisers, one of whom is an active CAL OSHA judge, Ms Williams who is not only a Board member but whose job it was to go over and clarify all legal documentation. It is particularly offensive to the students who were excelling and turning their lives around and offensive to the Church who supported us. You have accused Dianne of not doing her due diligence but you are all guilty of exactly that. You mention a meeting between cd10, us and the community but you don't mention the yelling and accusations and name calling coming from your side in this so called effort to come to understanding. You are demanding honest responses yet the only purpose in your fight against us wasn't to have us comply to codes (which you used as a weapon) but simply because you didn't want a school filled with troubled young adults in your community, all of whom came from your community. This is why you didn't complain about codes and all that regarding the nursery school and dance school. Our lawyer who is an expert in land use was grateful for the information posted on this site. He will be responding to it shortly and clarify and correct this misinformation that has been passed around. Once you get clarity I hope you will apologize to Dianne.


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