#16 McCarty School Comment: Editors 2nd Response to Question

"You feel free to champion what you see as your personal due process rights in your own neighborhood regarding gating, where you might be characterized as one of a few disgruntled neighbors. The due process rights of West Adams, however, was of no concern to you. Why is this?"

I am so glad you brought this up. If you had been reading my information on the barriers you would see...


1 the original survey requesting community input regarding the barriers (something your community never did regarding the school) indicated only 57 people supported the idea of a barrier. We have over 300 people living in this community. So I would say there were more than a "disgruntled few" when our community woke up to find themselves surrounded by barriers without warning. There was a very large reaction and people were furious.

2 Many months after the fact Wesson took a survey and then 80 people supported the idea of barriers. Once again less than half the community.

3 Shortly after that, a petition of 96 people who opposed a gate next to our fire station (hardly a disgruntled few) was submitted to the group of neighbors in control of the project. They refused to entertain the petition and directed me to send it to Wesson’s office. After several unanswered emails and phone calls, I was able to corner Sylvia Lacy and she said very clearly in front of Wendy Fratecelli that the decision to have or not have a gate was the community’s. Wesson was not involved anymore. I brought the statement and petition back to the neighbors who refused to believe me. I asked a very ‘annoyed with me’ Sylvia to come and address the issue directly because the group refused to believe me. Sylvia came to the meeting and said “Wesson supports the gate”. My mouth dropped. I asked her why she had told me differently and she refused to respond and left. Later while looking at email records of correspondence between her and city agency’s she reiterated that decisions about the barriers and gate were up to the neighborhood but then continued to give direction to the agency about how to move forward to install the gate. I realized she had not actually lied to the group of neighbors when she said Wesson supported the gate. She just hadn’t told the whole truth. She forgot to add on…”but it Is the communities decision not his”. And that’s how they role at CD10.

Now regarding due process, the difference between what you’ve done and what I’ve done is, I took all my information and constantly submitted it to the group itself and asked for clarification if my information was wrong. I engaged with them in an effort to come to an understanding. It is my understanding that not one of the people who had concerns in your community went to the school, sat down with them, showed them your information and asked them to correct it if they were wrong. “Here is what I understand about errors you made. Please correct me if I’m wrong” Of course my efforts to be “corrected” were futile. The responses were insulting, dismissive, I was accused of ridiculous things but I kept noticing they were never willing to engage in a serious discussion of the facts I brought up. If they did they would have had to compromise what they wanted and they weren’t willing to do this. And Wesson backed them all the way ignoring the LAFD, the rest of the community and directing city agencies (we have records to prove this) to help the group and ignore anyone else, while outwardly refusing to answer community questions and saying they weren’t involved and it was a community project. And that’s how they role at CD10.


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