#18 McCarty School Comment: Herbs Office. Without reproach?

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Category: Resident Editorials
Published on Monday, 29 November 1999 16:00
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Thank you once again for using this forum to share your point of view. If you read my comments you will see that I make a few points regarding Wesson’s CD10. I acknowledge that he has deputies who work with the community. I acknowledge that some of them are very nice and helpful.

That is their job and what they get paid very large sums to do. I also mention that Herb has positioned himself on so many high ticket committees one wonders how he could possibly find the time to engage deeply in the community. I suppose you don’t have to if you have the deputies doing all the work for you. If you read TNN you will also see that we have published articles regarding positive efforts Herb has made and have included photo’s of him participating in community events. So you may want to read TNN a little more closely. But do you think that this office is above reproach? And if it isn’t, than do you think the problems with the office should be aired in a public forum? And if so, where would that be? There is a reason why LA Weekly portrayed the Council members as Lords and Ladies who use their districts as little fiefdoms. The experience that our community had with Herb Wesson regarding the barriers over a period of years was very eye opening regarding how the city and council offices work. When I started TNN I found that there were problems throughout the community. It is usually when you have a problem that you are motivated to look closely at the cause. Otherwise why bother? Why would you want to look too closely or pay attention to complaints when your experience has been so refreshing and wonderful? But there are others in the community who have not had such a wonderful or refreshing experience and are in fact very concerned with the way this council office behaves under Herb Wesson. This district has been notorious for having Council members who “take care of things” while the community looks the other way. Our last councilmember was caught doing just that and had to give up politics for many years. If you attended our Candidates Forum you may have noticed me limping. The day before I tripped on a sidewalk on Olympic that had been pushed up from tree roots. I took a big spill. The owner was in the front yard talking to someone so I went to say something. He said he had been calling the city for 8 years to come and fix it. I asked him if he had called his council office and he just rolled his eyes and said yes. I asked who his councilmember was. Herb Wesson. I also talked to a woman who said that their sidewalks were fixed within a month of reporting them. I asked her where she lived and found out it was in Herbs’ neighborhood. So you may get front row service from the council office but there are many in the community still waiting. And because of what I do, I hear many stories like this. Recently at the Farmers Market three seniors approached me and told me they had read the article about Herb. I asked them what they thought and they told me they had campaigned for Herb and helped him get into CD10….and they were definitely not going to vote for him. They complained that he had done little of any real value in our community and told me I hit the nail on the head in the articles and to keep it up. This kind of support has happened often enough for me to feel comfortable with what I do. There must have been a reason why 80 people showed up to hear the candidates speak at the TNN Candidates Forum. We put it together very quickly and could only advertise it through emails over a two week period and 80 people showed up. I imagine they wanted to hear the options to Herb. I do not expect everyone to like or agree with what I publish and if I am doing my job than someone will be upset. I get enough support to know I’m doing something right. I am more than happy to print letters to the editor and I invite you to submit letters to the editor. As all publications alert submitters, they will get edited to fit the space but I welcome other points of view and value discussion. As for publishing more positive articles about Herbs accomplishments….I think his Eye On the 10th fulfills that function nicely.


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