#23 McCarty School Comment: response to Bella 2

"Re the dance studio, the first I heard of it was after it was gone."

But many other people in the community who went after the school left the dance studio alone. Which speaks to the real reason that the school was targeted. You didn't want their population in your neighborhood. But none of you seem to want to mention it.


"Knowing now what seems to be the code, my guess is that it would not be a permitted use, and had I known about it, I would have reported it."

Were you the one filing all the complaints about Youthbuild? "

Re the nursery school we

"Who is we?

"did report it, so the implication of inconsistency is not correct. Building and Safety ruled, in that case, that the existing permits and certificates of occupancy for a day care school were sufficient to cover the existing use. The ruling in the case of the charter school use was that the existing permits and certificates of occupancy were not sufficient. "

And you may soon find that Building and Safety did originally rule that the same determination was made for Youthbuild and it was only after interference from Wessons office that the school was forced to get permits it didn't really need. But all that information is coming.

"I was wondering if you could check with Staci Edwards to see if her recollection of the conversation we discussed earlier was indeed with case management, or was with plan check or code enforcement, and where it took place. I’d just like corroboration on this. Thanks."



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