Teaching Elders to Use Computers

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Published on Sunday, 23 October 2011 16:09
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Message Media Ed School of Black Leadership in the Digital Age provides culturally-relevant learning and professional development for youth, adults and seniors of African descent (including high school dropouts and youth at risk of giving up on their education), as a means of closing digital, cultural, social, academic and economic divides within the Black community, and producing Black leadership.

Offered to the community through Message Media Ed and facilitated by organization founder and Leimert Park native Shani Byard, The Digital Elder Project, Rise Above the Noise, Diversity Leaders and other tailored workshops, provide an African-centered approach to skill building in new media, media analysis, technology education and leadership development.

“Our mission is to produce Black leadership for the digital age. We want to create culturally-conscious role models and meaningful participants in the digital landscape. We do this by providing supportive, creative learning environments for cultural healing, leadership development, and skill building in critical media literacy, social media and information technology,” said Byard.

“Our biggest accomplishment has been with the success of the Digital Elder Program which promotes cultural awareness and helps the elderly understand challenges that today’s youth face. It shows them why their wisdom is still needed and valued in our society,” explained Byard. “We teach them to text, use Facebook and e-mail, and how to successfully navigate the web so that they can stay in touch with the younger generation.”

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P: 323-708-2526
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