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Published on Saturday, 12 September 2009 00:24
Written by IVY

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Our Review:

I've been making notes to myself to eat at Natraliart for weeks now. It’s close to home, convenient and not expensive.  What was taking me so long? I realized my resistance was influenced by its odd name. Well, if the name was unnatural to me, the food certainly wasn’t. I walked into the market connected to the restaurant and was greeted by a big display of beautiful plantains and roots. I made my way into the restaurant where the diners were eating and watching a news show on TV. I glanced at the menu while the woman behind the counter kindly responded to my request for her recommendations. She set me up with a dinner of red snapper and a small order of vegetable soup. As I waited for my food, which came quickly, I admired the motto on the wall, “Out of Many, One People” and a brightly painted map of Jamaica. The place is simple but clean, well-lit and filled with mouthwatering aromas. A local bulletin board listed all sorts of current activities and services.

I took my dinner to go, got home and found a fresh and perfectly cooked red snapper (head on) with a generous portion of red beans, rice, vegetables, fried plantains and a simple dumpling sort of item that could become quite addictive. Natraliart’s seasoning enhances the food without overpowering it and the plantains weren’t greasy but plump and fresh which is just how a fried plantain should be cooked.


The hearty soup was marvelous with sexy unfamiliar spices. Even if you’re a meat lover, this soup would make you forget your taste for meat! It was a perfect meal. I ate everything without
feeling stuffed – and I have a very healthy appetite!


If you pass Natraliart by, it’s probably because it lacks curb appeal, but don’t overlook this Jamaican gem or their market of cool food items. I’ll be stopping by again just to get some of the jars of jerk seasoning to try in my own kitchen.
See you there,  Ivy   
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3426 W. Washington Blvd
a few blocks west of Arlington at 6th

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