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Category: Restaurants & Reviews
Published on Friday, 14 December 2012 16:43
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Rock n Roll Food Royalty In the House

Grocerie is the love child of Foodink Catering owned by Kate E. Paul. Kate started touring as a personal chef to Rock Star Royalty in 1988 and in 2002 did her first catering gig for a Mick Jagger records release party. Her catering company grew from there and current clients include Vanity Fair, Valentino, Burberry and MTV. Our community lucked out when shedecided to open up Grocerie, a small restaurant in one of the storefronts on the west side of La Brea between Edgewood and Olympic. Using artisan produced fresh & dry ingredients from around the world, with a “top five” selection of salts, oils, spices, dressings, marinades & other unusual treats, Kate’s Grocerie expands our community’s food options with fresh creative ideas.

Salads are surprise combinations like the cole-dorf, a delicious combinationof a coleslaw and Waldorf salad or orrechiette with butternut squash and goat cheese. How about a basil-infused Limeade drink? If you love quiche…run don’t walk to Grocerie, sit and order. The BEST quiche I have ever tasted. That day the quiche was huge, moist, light and frothy, with roquefort cheese, small bits of mushroom and leeks and a perfectly flaky light crust.


If La Brea is on or near your route to work, stop off in the morning for their signature Groundwork coffee and fresh daily pastry. Want to stop by for lunch? There are sandwiches -vegan wrap, ginger beef Banh Mi/Vietnamese slaw or try a classic panini with smokedham/cheese/dijon or tomato/brie/pesto. Don’t want to cook tonight? They specialize in precooked gourmet. Stop off and pick up some of their prepackaged dinners, made for two and ready to be reheated -- Thai green prawn curry with Asian vegetables, classic coq au vin chicken, molasses & pepper short ribs...mmmm, you get the idea. TNN welcomes Grocerie to the neighborhood! One more great reason to stay in your own community for exciting food solutions.

1107 S. La Brea 90019, Parking in lot off Edgemont



















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