The 10th Council District Women's Steering Committee Annual Christmas Party

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Category: Seen On the Scene
Published on Thursday, 14 February 2019 14:21
Written by D. V. Lawrence
photos by Jacqueline Nunn

The 10th Council District Women's Steering Committee pulled out all the stops at their annual Christmas Party held at Pips on La Brea. They had live entertainment provided by the David Leech Trio. It was well attended with special guests Dr. George McKenna, Judge David S. Cunningham, Nate Holden, Fabian Wesson and State Assembly member Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer.
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Heather Ward, Gloria Martin, Jackie Nunn, Julie Cox, Pamela Swearingen, Norma Davis and Bonnie Eldridge

FEB19wsc web

Nate Holden

FEB19WSC1 web

FEB19WSC6 web

Jackie Nunn, Joan Jackson, Marguerite Ross

FEB19wsc3 web

Gavin Glynn, Carolyn Fowler

FEB19wsc10 web

State Assembly member Reginald Sawyer, Fabian Wesson

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Jacqueline Nunn, George McKenna

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