Jacquelyn Morie

Jacquelyn Morie By Carla Weber Dr. Jacquelyn Morie, artist, photographer, tech geek, virtual resident, innovative creator of virtual 3D worlds, mother and wife. With a PhD in Immersive Environments Ms. Morie, who started out as a fine artist, currently heads up a team at the Institute for Creative Technologies in the Marina, researching…

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Mark Dutcher

Mark DutcherBy Carla Weber After the Watts riots in the mid-60’s and into the 70’s, no    one in their right mind moved south of Olympic; okay, maybe Pico, but never further south. Back then there were a few artists looking for cheap, large, alternative spaces and urban outsider gratification. Yet…

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The Rogue Artist Ensemble. The Kaiden Project: Walls Grow Thing

The Rogue Artist Ensemble. The Kaiden Project: Walls Grow ThingTNN: Tell us about the Rogue Artists Ensemble.Sean T. Cawelti, Director: We are a non-profit organization and we met at UC Irvine and have been working together since 2001, Our mission is to tell stories in unique ways. We use puppetry and masks, old story telling conventions, as well as newer ways with…

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Yippee!! The Yuppets Are Back!

Yippee!! The Yuppets Are Back!In TNN’S August 2010 issue we featured Gary Jones and his amazing  Blackstreet USA Puppet Theatre. His theatre was a mainstay on Washington Boulevard until one day the name “Yuppets” disappeared off the green awning.  Puppeteerfounder Gary Jones had worked and lived in the Washington corridor for 27 years, until…

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Chalk Repertory Theatre Brings Lady Windermere to the Clark

Chalk Repertory Theatre Brings Lady Windermere to the Clark Mid-city Longwood/Highlands resident and theatre director Larissa Kokernot is helping bring her passion for theatre a little closer to home.  Kokernot is one of the founding members of Chalk Repertory Theatre, a Los Angeles based, site-specific theatre company that is redefining the idea of the traveling acting troupe.  With…

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Low Cost or Free Workshops for Kids

Can you imagine sharing your sage advice and experience in response to your kid’s misbehavior and she looks at you and says “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” Or perhaps you have just chastised him for some reckless behavior and…

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