John McCallum aka Pee Wee

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Category: In Memory Of
Published on Saturday, 07 April 2012 23:27
Written by Dianne Lawrence

On March 10, drivers travelling along Adams, west of Crenshaw, were met with a remarkable site.

Approximately 700 bikers representing motorcycle clubs from around the state converged on the Southern Memorial Baptist Church to pay respect to one of their own, John McCallum or as they knew him, Pee Wee. Pee Wee was married to Anna Johnson for 52 years and produced 2 daughters and a son.

He had been employed by Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas aircraft but his great love and interest was motorcycling. He joined the L.A.D.O. motorcycle club in the ‘50s. His reputation for generosity and a big heart was in evidence as bikers, black and some white, greeted each other, hung out together and created an atmosphere of reverent celebration.


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