Pastor Wade M. Wills 1952-2013

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Published on Thursday, 02 January 2014 16:37
Written by D.V. Lawrence

I often pass Pastor Wade's house while walking my dog.  I turn the corner on 23rd St, pass the bushes and see his van in the driveway alerting me that when the rapture came, I could have his car. Often  I would see him standing on his front lawn and I'd shout out "Hi! How are you doing today?" and he would always answer, "I'm blessed!" with a deep, melodius and cheerful voice that seemed to remind me that I was as well.  He was a long time member of his Neighborhood Watch and neighbors were deeply saddened to find out he passed suddenly, leaving behind two granddaughters he had been raising and his mother whom he had been caring for.DecpastorWade 

He served his country with honor during the Vietnam war and received an honorable discharge. He also worked as an engineer for Loral's Aero Space Engineering for fifteen years. Having accepted Christ at an early age, he eventually became a Pastor of the Good Will Mission for 15 years.  He leaves behind his daughter Faith Wills, his mother Beulah Wills, his brother Jerome Wills, five grandchildren, Melissa, Tierra, Amber and Brittany Johnson and Wesley Love, and various aunts and cousins.  

 "He was a loving a giving man and will be deeply missed" was
a sentiment shared by all who knew him. 

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