Living History Tour 2012

Living History Tour 2012 On Saturday, September 29, 2012 at the Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, the West Adams Heritage Association (WAHA) presented the annual Living History Tour. Participants toured the grounds as Marilyn Monroe’s grandmother, and Buster Keaton’s cameraman come to life. They joined Jazz Age Performers-- Vaudeville Flappers, singers, dancers, magicians, and even…

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Ray Charles in Sugar Hill

Ray Charles in Sugar Hill Ray Charles was born in Albany, Georgia on September 23 and passed away in Beverly Hills, CA on June 10, 2004.   His 80th birthday celebration, which would have been on September 23, 2010, was marked with the indelible release of undiscovered masters titled “Rare Genius: The Undiscovered Masters”. Around…

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Fraternity Row

Fraternity Row Greek Letter Fraternities have deep roots in our community. Three of the top Greek letter fraternities have and/or had a strong physical presence in our community; Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi. A fraternity is an organized society of men associated together in an environment of companionship…

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Early Gay Rights in West Adams

Early Gay Rights in West AdamsWest Adams was home to some of the earliest gay rights activists in the country. The Michael J. Connell Carriage Houseon 23rd near Hoover has been a part of the fabric of West Adams from the very beginning days of the gay right’s movement dating back to the late 1940’s.…

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The Ebony Showcase

The Ebony Showcase Before the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center on Washington Blvd. east of La Brea at Harcourt, there was the Ebony Showcase Theatre, founded by the famous actor Nick Stewart (pictured in the hat). Nick appeared as the janitor “Lightnin” in the hugely popular Amos n Andy TV and radio show…

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Charles Bukowski

Charles BukowskiRoots in Mid-City Before embarking on thousands of poems and stories chronicling the lives of L.A.’s prostitutes, lonely and destitute, the famous writer Charles Bukowski (known as the Poet Laureate of Skid Row) grew up in the Mid-City area. Bukowski’s family moved to L.A. from Germany in 1923.  In…

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What Happened the Day Marvin Gaye Got Shot

What Happened the Day Marvin Gaye Got ShotThe community of Western Heights which sits between Arlington and Western, south of Washington can claim bragging rights to one of West Adams top tourist attractions. Located on Gramercy just north of the 10 freeway overpass, is the site of the April 1, 1984 shooting of Marvin Gaye by his…

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WAHA's Living History Tour; Trailblazing Women

WAHA's Living History Tour; Trailblazing Women On September 25, the West Adams Heritage Association’s 2010 Living History Tour celebrated  the 100th anniversary of California women’s voting rights by focusing on pioneering women who dared to venture in new directions in their lives and in a variety of professions. The Living History Tour was first…

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Roma Tillman's Childhood 1926-1936

Roma Tillman's Childhood 1926-1936My dad, Harry Theobald and I moved to 2143 w. 21st Street (in Western Heights) in 1924 from Saint Louis when I was probably about four.My mother died in childbirth with me. We stayed until about 1936. It was a fun neighborhood with all kinds of stuff going…

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Womens History Month In West Adams

Womens History Month In West AdamsThe month of March was declared National Womens History Week by Congress in 1987. Long before then, the Mid-City/West Adams area, the heart of town, had already produced a number of pioneering women. Many were minorities, like Dr. Margaret Chung, the first American-born Chinese female physician, Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American…

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