Hi Neighbors! Dec 2009

We just published the December/January issue and count many Blessings! 6,000 copies with lots of ads and informative articles! These ads show you that contrary to appearances there are amazing restaurants and services all around you and the ‘News’ is bringing them to your doorstep. Check out our new restaurant review of the delicious new Ethiopian restaurant across from the Nate Holden Theater.  We discovered a new Sushi place on Adams in the mall on the south east side of Normandy. Deeeelicious and $6 - $9 dollar plates.

Many residents are concerned about the development of Washington Blvd. and we have a very informative article about the effort to get a new housing and retail building on the corner of 8th and Washington. The interaction between engaged neighbors and the developer, is setting a precedent for future corridor development.

We have an article on the attempt by some downtown businesses to overturn codes protecting the interiors of historic buildings, and the effort of preservationists to stop them. If the codes had changed it would have been easy to gut the interiors of private homes protected by the HPOZ which would then only provide protection for the exteriors.

We've been keeping an eye on Councilman Wesson and in Eye on Wesson we report on his good faith effort to mend the disconnect between his office and some of the Neighborhood Councils. An issue we had previously written about.

We have the an amazing history article in the History of West Adams section, chronicling a young boy’s life in Sugar Hill around WWII. It reminds us that kids can actually have a great childhood without video games, cd's, ipods, texting and whatever else they do to keep from going outside.

Great News for me... I have a new Associate Editor, Renee Montgomery. Renee has been a longtime resident in our community and had already been taking pictures and blogging about our area. She works at the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art in the archives of the museum. She will be a great help and additional eye as The Neighborhood News moves into its second year. Shianne has also joined us as our proofreader. I know some of you will be happy about that.  We just had Thanksgiving and my prayers went out to all of you who have supported us by your continued enthusiastic interest and participation. THANK YOU! So sit back with a cuppa joe and enjoy a walk around our neighborhood!

Dianne V. Lawrence

Publisher/Executive Editor



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