Tenants Union Part 2

Notices on the door are scary. The language seems as if everything is already done and you’ve suddenly been evicted. That’s why it’s important to know that notices are processes, not endings.First and foremost, if you receive any of the following documents, respond immediately: ● 3-Day Notice to Perform or…

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Hepatitis 'A' Outbreak in the Homeless Community

Hepatitis 'A' Outbreak in the Homeless Community Hepatitis A is the subject of discussions on the health front, homeless front, law enforcement front, and every other front there is. Hepatitis A, an acute liver disease, has been on a steady rise here in Southern California especially among our homeless population. Over the past few years, the numbers…

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William Clark Andrews Library Reborn and You Are Invited

William Clark Andrews Library Reborn and You Are InvitedIIn April of 2015 TNN reported on the temporary closure of the Williams Andrews Clark Library for building upgrades.  Here is the report from the Clark on the exciting reopening this January: We are delighted to report that on Jan 21, 2018 there will be a ribbon-cceunremony, open to the…

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MID-CITY HEIGHTS COALITION TAKES STEPS TO DEAL WITH HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTEarly this year a homeless community set up an encampment along the 10 Freeway by Highland.  Not only were some of their members caught attempting burglary but some responded threateningly to local residents during efforts to communicate with them. The last straw for the community was the use of…

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Airflight Noise Crisis Update

Airflight Noise Crisis Update A lot has happened since our last report on the shocking effect of the national rollout of the new airflight patterns from the Federal Aviation’s  Metroplex, NextGen program. Condensing the path of flights arriving from various positions across a 4 mile swath to a single line of flights arriving over beleaguered…

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Where is West Adams?

On April 1, 1984, news came over the airways that Motown singer Marvin Gaye had been shot and killed by his own father at the family home on Gramercy Place. The media couldn’t seem to agree on where the house was located. The Los Angeles Times said it was in…

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Eviction. How and Why

Eviction. How and Why Last issue, we described how apartment units under L.A.’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO)—generally those in multifamily buildings built before 1978—have restrictions on raising rents.The other principal job of the RSO is setting terms for when a tenant can be evicted, aka “just-cause evictions”. The city allows fourteen…

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Emergency Brings Doctor to You.

Emergency Brings Doctor to You. You see them speeding to and fro every day. They force traffic to come to a dead stop at the height of rush hour with a blast of their horn & siren and those flashing lights. Who are they? They’re Los Angeles Fire Department’s fleet of rescue ambulances. Last year,…

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Pico Great Streets Update Oct 2017

Pico Great Streets Update Oct 2017Phase 1 The Pico Great Street Collaborative hosted an Open House for Destination: Pico on Sunday September 17th at Saturn St. Elementary to showcase the map of improvements that the community has chosen for Pico from Curson to Burnside. The Collaborative submitted the plans to the mayor’s staff in mid-August.…

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Delicious Pizza Serves it UP!

Delicious Pizza Serves it UP!Sometime in the next two years two highly anticipated restaurants will be opening up on West Adams Boulevard.  Daniel Patterson creator of Alta, a well received casual eatery, is known for establishing Alta in a variety of San Francisco neighborhoods on the verge of gentrification.  Tony Yanowa Los Angeles craft…

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