Los Angeles Gets "In Sync" To Address Traffic

Los Angeles Gets Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in the nation. It's a city of 12 million plus vehicles and, at times, it can feel like all 12 million are trying to get to the same place at the same time. In fact, across the country, Los Angeles has become synonymous…

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Plastic Bags On Their Way Out?

The City of Los Angeles is a significant step closer to implementing the ban of single-use plastic bags approved by the City Council in  May of 2012. The Bureau of Sanitation completed its Environmental Impact Report (EIR) this January and concluded that the proposed project would not result in any…

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Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel Answers Resident Questions

Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel Answers Resident Questions Wendy Greuel started her political career in Mayor Bradley’s office serving for ten years  as Bradley's liaison to the City Council, City Departments and the Community on public policy issues ranging from child care to homelessness to senior care and health issues. From 1993 to 1997, Greuel worked in the…

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Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti Answers Resident Questions

Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti Answers Resident Questions www.ericgarcetti.com In your view what is the primary reason for Los Angeles’ current financial crisis? What do you think could have been done differently?  Is there anything that can be done that is currently not being done? We need innovative solutions to make city government more efficient and…

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Mayoral Candidate Kevin James Answers Resident Questions

Mayoral Candidate Kevin James Answers Resident QuestionsKevin James is a true anomaly in Los Angeles mayoral contests.  A long-time conservative, talk show host, attorney and former federal prosecutor, he has declared that he wants to be the first openly gay Republican mayor in Los Angeles and believes the people of Los Angeles will embrace his vision. …

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Unearthing History in a Beach Cleanup


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