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Published on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 18:15
Written by Dianne Lawrence
AUG15car3As I headed from the parking lot on the east side of the Wilshire Division Police station towards CVS at Midtown Plaza, I drove into the lot that separates the old OSH from Venice Blvd. and beheld a joyful sight: old cars and sharp men.  

Blake Weddington

 Wednesday evening from about 7 to 9 pm, members of the Odd Squad Car Club drive their vintage cars into this Mid-City parking lot, slowly back into a parking spot, get out and talk shop. The evening ends with a cruise and dinner at Dupars in the Farmers Market, at Oinksters on Vine or Delicious Pizza on Adams. 

aug15car1Odd Squad was started three years ago by Blake Weddington, who began posting pics on Instagram, inviting other enthusiasts to join him at a Starbucks up in Hollywood.  Soon the parking lot was overflowing, causing a stir with management, so they found their way down to their current hangout in our community. Lucky us! They have hosted events like the Dog Town Rumble, which created a gathering in Venice Beach that drew over 150 cars.  They also organize random PCH cruises up the coast. 

AUG15car2Love old cars or have one older than ‘75? Come on down and mingle while they are still here.   Wed. 7-9 pm in the parking lot along Venice just east of the Wilshire Division police station. 4801 Venice Blvd. Hot fun in the summertime!






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