OFFICIAL Results of the West Adams Neighborhood Council

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Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Saturday, 10 July 2010 15:26
Written by Dianne Lawrence


At-Large Representatives (5 selected, 1 seat not filled)

Clinton Simmons, 36 votes

Elbert B. Preston Jr., 27 votes

Eva M. Aubry, 23 votes

R. Monique Taylor, 20 votes

Ana McBride, 16 votes


Stakeholder Representative

None, 0 votes

Business Representative

None, 0 votes

Youth Representative

Rashad E. Rucker-Trapp, 34 votes

Educational Representative

None, 0 votes

Homeowner Representatives (2 selected)

Hattie M. Babb, 24 votes

Samuel R. Morales (write in candidate), 12 votes

Beatrice M. Jett (write in candidate), 10 votes

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