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Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Wednesday, 07 September 2011 23:02
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Each month, Koreatown Youth Center removes over 50,000 square feet of graffiti. Most graffiti is removed within a 24-hour time frame from both public and private locations. However, due to the City’s budget shortfall, KYCC is in dire need of support from the community to purchase paint in order to continue it’s program. They sought support for purchase of paint in the amount $1,997.45.  $2,000 approved.

PAVA (Pacific American Volunteers Association) asked support for their volunteerism in cleaning various locations such as the LA River and  Griffith Park. The funds will go directly to the payment of a t-shirt vendor and the clean-up of Hollywood on August 27th, 2011. $2,000 approved.

The Korean Community Lawyers Association needed to purchase a camera, camcorder, and projector for their history keeping. KCLA provides monthly free legal clinic to the general public and annual Law School Admission Seminars. $2,000 approved.


KACCLA (Korean American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles) is outreaching and networking with prominent community organizations. Funds needed for the purchase of a copier. Up to $2,000 approved.

Reports by Justin Kim and David Ryu will provide an update on the CD4 meeting on the prostitution problem on Western Avenue from Melrose to 6th Avenue. The neighborhood/LAPD discussion took place on June 24th at City Hall. Mike Russell of Public Safety Committee discusses the solutions developed regarding the situation including better lighting. Main issue was regarding leud acts being performed west of Western and prostitution seen be residents.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is an agreement between NC’s and the DWP  for the purpose of increased transparency, accountability and advocacy between the community and DWP.  Jack Humphreville from the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council did a presentation requesting Wilshire/Koreatown to join.  76 NC’s are already certified. Approval was granted at the following Board meeting.



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