Mid City Neighborhood Council MINC June2012

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Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Sunday, 08 July 2012 22:29
Written by Dianne Lawrence


There was a presentation from Officer Redd of LAPD Traffic Division on the proposed speed increase on Washington Blvd. DOT is proposing the increase of speed from 35 to 40 mph. Officer Redd gave pros and cons from LAPD’s perspective, and shared a survey that had been conducted previously on the same issue. He indicated LAPD was not in favor of the increase.

John Harmon from CD 10 was asked about Washington Blvd medians; he did not know the start date. He indicated there was no update on the auto repair at 5300 Washington Blvd. John also stated a meeting is scheduled to review what can be done to enforce law relating to monitoring of medical marijuana dispensaries.



Bruce Durbin distributed a letter drafted by his committee that addressed the concerns of the community with the drastic increase of medical marijuana dispensaries in the MINC area. Bruce suggested the Board read the draft and send any feedback or additional input to him via email by April 23rd at midnight.


- Allan DiCastro stated that if everything that was approved by budget committee gets processed, MINC will have about $600. left to spend.


Michael Sonntag asked the Board to consider expanding and/or replacing posting spots for the meeting agendas to be placed. He also mentioned recommendation from previous outreach meeting to have block clubs cohost next regional meeting.


- Lorraine Genovese stated she is still following up on the process to trademark the MINC logo.

The 16th Place Taskforce met with CIM and an agreement is supposed to be reached on work to be done on wall around LOWES and the median islands. [ed: see Eye On Wesson]

-  MINC Board Call for Candidates. Laura Davis spoke to the group; she is interested in being an At Large Business rep.  Laura lives in region 3, runs the Wellington Square Farmers’ Market, and is interested in helping get things done. Shai who lives in region 11 may be interested in becoming an At Large-General rep.

Thom Washington stated he had a meeting on April 7th regarding the Rehab for the West Blvd Bridge. WAHA will designate the bridge for MINC; another meeting is planned. The Monument that is proposed to be placed near the Apple St. Planter is still being considered. Thom is working on getting a response from Mr. Wu of DWP.

- Edgar Arroyo indicated he will probably be resigning from the board at the end of this fiscal year because of additional responsibilities he has at work.

For more info, borders , meeting times and place:



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