Neighborhood Council Updates

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Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Friday, 12 October 2012 13:36
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Congratulations to Mid City Neighborhood Council (MINC) for beating out 3 other nominated Councils from the S. Los Angeles area and winning the Empowerment LA Award from the City of Los Angeles for their outstanding community work in our area!

Pico Neighborhood Council elections were competitive with several people vying for different seats and several resulting ties.The winners are At-Large Stakeholder Rep.-Ron Geiger; Service/Non-Profit Reps.- Larry Bogatz, Allison Diamant, Donna Grayson; Business Reps.- Daniel Sosa, Yvette McNally; Senior Citizen Rep.- Sue Beidleman; Education Rep.- Shelly Littauer, Phu Tranchi.

Olympic Park Neighborhood Council ran into a glitch when they discovered they did not have enough nominated candidates to fill a quorum.  Several board members who had been thinking about leaving volunteered to come back on board to help keep OPNC alive.


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