Ask Cesar: I Work All Day. Should I Own a Dog?

Category: Animal Issues and Pets
Published on Saturday, 19 December 2009 00:21
Written by Cesar Milan
I am a foster volunteer for Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue. I have owned dogs my entire life, but now my lifestyle does not seem the best to "own" a dog. Therefore, I foster. I am wondering if my emotions are getting in the way of having a loyal companion. How do you feel about a single working person living alone owning a dog that is home alone all day? I feel guilty and that is why I have not kept one of these shelter dogs for myself. Should someone in my position not own a dog? I want what is best for the animal.
Carol Kersting
Valencia, CA

There are a lot of people in your position. They have to go to work all day and then come back home. If everyone felt guilty about it, almost nobody in America would have a dog!

My suggestion is fall in love with a dog that doesn't require a lot of physical challenges, because those are the dogs that are going to suffer not seeing someone for ten hours. Knowing this, you don't have to feel guilty anymore, because now you will have a dog that can adapt to your lifestyle.

But I believe everybody should have a dog, especially when you love them. Fostering a dog is out of love; you don't make money fostering dogs. I would never deprive myself of having a great relationship with a dog. I would never be alone, because that's just not part of my spirit as a human being. Dogs need their alone time. You need it too. But to live alone? Absolutely not! You're depriving the world of your love!