Response #30: McCarty School Comments: Editors response to "resident"

Category: Resident Editorials
Published on Monday, 29 November 1999 16:00
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Not sure what kind of substantiation “resident” requires. Two people reported that a city agent told them that someone from CD10 called and told the office to stop assisting Save Our Future’s effort to move forward in securing permits. I personally have had city agents tell me that they do whatever the Council office tells them regardless of whether or not it violates the regulation, procedures or codes and that it happens "all the time". We have documentation and emails that prove people in CD10 have lied to officials (claiming they had documents to LAFD that they did not have, claiming numbers of supporters for a project they were pushing that didn't exist etc). I know you are having a difficult time believing that this office is capable of this kind of activity, of interfering with city agencies or being misleading or inaccurate with information but unfortunately it is common knowledge to more than a few in the community who have experienced it.