St. Elmo Village

Category: Art
Published on Tuesday, 06 October 2009 11:23
Written by SONIA HAKIM

These days, everyone deserves respite from the economy. Located in Mid-City Los Angeles, one block south of Venice Boulevard and two and a half blocks east of La Brea Avenue, St. Elmo Village provides just that. 
St. Elmo Village was founded on the philosophy that everyone is creative and powerful in their own right. Its founders had the “go green” idea right from the start, giving back to the community   and the environment! 
In 1969, Roderick and Rozzell Sykes, in collaboration with other artists and residents of the St. Elmo Drive area, became pioneers in their neighborhood.  They saw the potential of taking a dilapidated, run-down and wasted space and building something  positive, innovative and creative.  They created St. Elmo Village, a place where residents and non-residents, young and old, could participate in creative workshops, plant trees, cultivate soil in the Cactus Garden and lift the spirits of its residents through the visual arts.  The Sykes’ vision has remained a reality to this day—this year St. Elmo Village celebrates its 40th anniversary!   Children and adults alike come to this village to spread their wings.  The Village not only provides workshops, but also offers outreach programs, in-school instruction, tours and field trips.  Outreach includes speaking engagements at schools, in which members of the Village address the importance of the creative arts in school curricula, and workshops at local organizations like the OASIS Senior Center.
See the Community Events page for activity schedule.

- Sonia Hakim