MId-City Arts

Category: Art
Published on Sunday, 14 March 2010 12:57
Written by Renee Montgomery

Whatever your opinion of L.A’s graffiti, you can’t deny that more and more of it is looking like great art. Like it or not, graffiti has come to embody L.A.’s culture of visual stimuli – layer-upon-layer of billboards, murals, and street style. Graffiti is the ultimate expression of our town, where cutting-edge trends are defined by our minorities.  Here in the Washington Corridor we are fortunate to live near Mid-City Arts, a happening gallery dedicated to the display of some of the best street art around.  Monthly events at Mid-City feature “live painting” on the back walls by the country’s leading muralists.  The yard is packed with young spectators as multiple artists work extemporaneously for hours, creating amazing murals – breaking only to sign autographs with their spray cans.  Never mind the occasional incident, like LAPD’s arrest in November of a wanted tagger on his way to perform at the event,Mid-City and other galleries like it have
become the mecca of the next generation of artists.  The gallery’s “blackbook” contests -- where teenagers bring their art sketchbooks to be judged by the professional graffiti artists-- should reassure us that all’s right in the world.  Our public schools may have lost art classes to budget cuts, but young talent flourishes at Mid-City Art Gallery.  Hope and art spring eternal on Pico Blvd.
click here for website 5113 W. Pico Blvd. 90019