NTBA Gallery

Category: Art
Published on Friday, 09 April 2010 21:47
Written by Carla Weber

Artists join forces with their landlord to create Neighborhood gallery

Hidden on West 25th Street, in the West Adams district, lay a dilapidated garage that had been fallow for over two decades. Recently, artist Taidgh O’Neill, wondered “why wait for the galleries to come to us?” and joined forces with his landlord, West Adams realtor David Raposa, to transform this unassuming garage into an artist’s run space.   Raposa helped finance the rebuild and Taigh organizes the shows.

NTBA Gallery (Name To Be Announced) runs without funding but a lot of  bravado.  It  is still in it’s infancy, morphing into whatever the demands and needs are of the artists involved.  Shows will rotate on a bi-monthly basis depending on the topic. The program will include opening receptions, artist talks, performances, lectures and anything else that comes up.

This artist run project space speaks to the many artists and curators who have been squeezed into non-existence while trying to garner a foothold in the art world.  It’s imperative for artists to be able to have access to a space to show their work.  With so many museum cutbacks, galleries shutting down and the art world turned upside down by the financial downturn, the birth of NTBA Gallery is a creative community response to these challenging times.
Coming up in April, O’Neil and artist Josh Atlas will be co-curating a show, still in development.  No exact date has yet been determined for the opening.For more info check it out on the web at  http://www.ntbagallery.com/
You can contact Taidgh O’Neill at (310) 379-9142 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.