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Published on Tuesday, 06 October 2009 11:14
Written by Dianne Lawrence

El Porvenir (on Washington just west of Western) is charming, old school neighborhood dining at it’s very best. Leonardo and Gloria Larita de Mena serve up a delicious mix of home-style Salvadorian, Mexican and Guatemalan cooking (with a little American thrown in) in a welcoming warm environment. Because of the corner location, the large picture windows on the front and side of the building flood the restaurant with shaded daylight, giving the space a bright airiness and cheerful feeling. Along with the festive tablecloths, clean environment and friendly service, tension slides off as you walk in the front door and make yourself at home.
After wrestling with their generous menu, I finally settled for sweet corn tamales with cream and cheese ($4.99), cactus with scrambled eggs ($4.99) and a fresh squeezed beet, celery and carrot juice ($4.00).  The juice arrived first. They have single servings ($3) of mango, strawberry, cantaloupe, banana, papaya or combinations ($4) of celery with orange and pineapple or strawberry, banana and orange or orange and carrot and more. Fresh, all natural and incredibly satisfying, I almost drained the whole glass with the first sip.


The corn tamales arrived next with a
dollop of cream and a slice of white cheese. The first bite melted in my mouth, fluffy, light just the right amount of sweetness. I saved the other to take home and it was just as delicious when I steamed it up later. Then the cactus and eggs with bits of tomato and onions, served with a light puree’ of black beans and a side of cream. Sounds simple yet Gloria has mastered the combination of ingredients and textures making each mouthful a sincerely happy experience. They are open from 6 am to 7 pm.  The entrees are extensive so I look forward to my next visit and their grilled fish fillet or maybe the fried tilapia. For the heavier meat lovers I noticed someone had ordered an incredible looking black mole with chicken. OH! They also have their own delicious in-house bakery serving fresh bread, rolls and sweets. Tell em The Neighborhood News sent you!
2273 W. Washington 2 blks west of Western 323.735.6323

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