Agnes Verdun Local Natural Health Guru

Category: Natural Health
Published on Saturday, 03 April 2010 23:46
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Agnes Verdun has been a Mid-City resident for over 40 years.  Realizing long ago that good health and its restoration is not always found in a prescription drug bottle she started a journey that led her to find the best and most effective herbal remedies for many chronic and serious diseases. Motivated by her many friends who suffered from cancers that weren’t being effectively treated by prescription drugs, she propelled herself into action, invested time and money, and enrolled in numerous seminars and classes in herbal remedies conducted by experts such as Richard Schultz and Dr. John Christopher. Agnes researched, collected and read books on her subject and began to experiment with her own formulas focusing on ailments she heard the most complaints about and of course her number one concern - cancer.  Agnes used herself to test her formulas before recommending the herbal treatments to her family, friends and neighbors.  Now after 20 years of knowledge she is definitely known as the trusted resident expert. Agnes, our resident neighborhood treasure, is doing her part in helping to keep America healthy – one community at a time.
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