Health and Wellness Fair at William Grant Still Arts Center

Category: Natural Health
Published on Saturday, 29 December 2012 12:03
Written by Dawn Kirkpatrick


The Health and Wellness Fair at the William Grant Still Arts Center on West View Street offered free health and wellness services Saturday, November 17.

The services included ionic foot baths designed to help remove toxins from the body.

As Dawn Adu administer of the baths explained, you put your feet in a basin that has sea salt water and electrodes. “Between the sea-salt and the water and the electrical current, it creates ions in the water. Then the ions absorb through the bottom of the feet. They circulate through the system and begin to pull the toxins out the body through the feet.”

Adu demonstrated the procedure on Fair attendee Elena Hedlund who soaked her feet in a basin filled with  sea-salt water. After thirty minutes, the water turned orange brown, suggesting toxins had been removed.

Other services offered were blood pressure and blood sugar screenings. Yolanda Fortune, a nurse from To Help Everyone Clinic, Inc., stood behind a long table covered with health pamphlets, a blood pressure monitor and supplies for diabetes testing. After taking general information from people who wanted their blood pressure and blood sugar tested, Fortune placed blood pressure cuffs around their arms and took blood samples from those who wanted to be tested for diabetes.


Attendees could also get a massage from, Kindred Gottlieb, at the Fair. Gottlieb learned her massage techniques from her father, she said.


Those interested in techniques for healthy eating could watch high school students from RootDown LA, an organization that promotes healthy eating for young people, demonstrate how to make such dishes as healthy vegetable dip and salsa.

The Health and Wellness Fair seems to have been a success. As attendee Elena Hedlund said as she tried the ionic foot bath, “I’m feeling results already.”

Photos by Dawn Kirkpatrick