P.I.C.O. SEPT Report

Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Tuesday, 12 October 2010 15:33
Written by Rachael Johnson

“Thank you all for your service,” said Councilman Herb Wesson who presented service certificates to board members of the PICO Neighborhood Council. “You became such a force that it got the attention of the mayor.” Wesson made an early appearance at the council’s general board meeting, and took photographs with the members, but did not stay for questions.

Financed Project Left Undone: The board shifted focus to an issue that was heavily pegged during last months general board meeting. An investment in a community improvement project called the Saturn School Garden, had carved an estimated $9000 out of the budget, but the Saturn School was still without a garden.

Board member Lloyd Robinson voiced his discontent, “I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with money floating around in a contractor’s account.” After lengthy discussion, a redundancy of comments, and several stopped and started motions, the board directed its Treasurer, Ron, to contact DONE for a statement regarding what their options were around the vagueness of the unsettled funds and project.  The board decided to get a promissory note from the contractor and move forward with the project to avoid the risk of losing the funds altogether.


New Vons at Pico and Fairfax: Vons executives were present at the meeting to garner support from the Council and the public for its scrape and rebuild project of the existing Vons. Ground will break on the new Vons - in late 2011 and the project will be completed by Fall of 2012.

Picfair Street Fair Oct. 9: William Hall made a presentation  for the Picfair Village Street Fair on Airdrome between Pickford and 18th starting at 1 pm and going to 7.

By-Laws Snafu: A vote on accepting amended bylaws brought back a few sour faces when the board voted to extend the meeting an extra fifteen minutes. Confusion over whether or not the previoulsy approved by-laws had to be re-approved by the new board.  Members speaking out of turn, caused frustration all round and had Board member Teresa Rhynes reminding everyone they needed to raise their hands and be recognized by President Claudia Bayard before speaking.  It is unclear how the bylaws will be amended in the future, but the process will likely be a talking point of old business on next month’s agenda.