P.I.C.O. NC Oct. 2010 Report

Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Wednesday, 08 December 2010 20:38
Written by Dianne Lawrence

There are some At-Large positions available for the council. Interested parties need to submit resumes.
--Concern was expressed about the lack of clarity for the process of considering a funding request. Could votes be submitted over the phone? Could funding requests be considered at a meeting if there wasn’t proper notification? Response tabled to end
of meeting.

- A decision was made to hold the land use, finance and executive board committee meetings the week before the general meeting.
- A motion was made and passed to grant the Tom Bradley Family Source Center $2,000 to buy turkeys for a give-away at the center.
- There was a meeting at CD10 about The Camera Project, an effort to install security cameras along the Pico business corridor. Representatives from Police dept, DWP and the Mid City West and P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Councils were present. It was suggested that DWP fiber optic systems be used. The police would help identify the most effective locations. A committee was formed at the Board meeting to work on the project.
- The Pico Holiday stroll was discussed. Previous efforts were unsuccessful because the businesses were too far apart to stroll to. Nikki Legesse and Carmen Salindong, the business reps formed a committee to explore the possibility of doing another one with local businesses.
- The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners created a By-laws task force that standardized the order of contents of Neighborhood Council by-laws. A By-laws committee was formed to go over the P.I.C.O. by-laws and bring them into compliance.
- A new Outreach Committee was formed and chaired by Nikki Legesse.
- A motion to set up a retreat for the Board that would focus on clarifying procedures for meetings and committees and Board member responsibilities, passed.  A committee was formed and headed by David Riva to organize it.
- Carthay Square won a financial award from the National Trust for the Historic Preservation competition.

http://www.piconc.com/ To find out more check out their website.