Mid City NC MINC Oct 2010 report

Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Wednesday, 08 December 2010 20:40
Written by Dianne Lawrence

The planning committee collected more than 30 submissions from residents of severely damaged sidewalks. They will evaluate and rank each complaint to send a final repair request list to the Council District 10. They also created a list of 12 properties that have unsightly overgrown plants. This list of addresses will be submitted to the city’s building and safety department for action.
- Dessie Reese suggested that MINC members volunteer to assist cleaning the medians which had become overgrown due to city budget restrictions. CD10 reported that they had hired a contractor to clear the medians making the volunteer project unnecessary.
- The design committee is waiting on approval by the Board to award a design contract for creation of a MINC logo.

- The budget committee reported funding has been approved for three projects: branding tags to be placed on any MINC purchase, the purchase of weed blocker fabric for the rock garden project, and funding for a banner for  the Wellington Square farmers market.
- Edgar Arroyo reported the outreach committee’s meetings will begin as soon as the website he is working on, is established.
- Some MINC area residents expressed disappointment that a vote against renewing an ad with The Neighborhood News (TNN) happened in the small budget committee rather than by the full MINC Board. The Budget Committee’s Chair, Allan DiCastro, was concerned that The Neighborhood News had not taken any of his suggestions for stories about the MINC area. TNN clarified to the Board that a total of over 30 articles, covering people and events within the MINC boundaries, had appeared in 13 of its 14 issues.
- Earnest Dominguez was offended that The Neighborhood News did not distribute in his primarily Spanish speaking community claiming that 90% of the residents spoke English as well.
- Peter Schulberg, President of Olympic Neighborhood Council invited MINC Board members to attend their meetings.
UPDATE: In the last MINC report Dessie Reese raised the question of whether or not Allan DiCastro, President of MINC could also hold a chair position on the Budget committee since this might raise issues of undue influence. DONE said that it was permissible for the President of a Neighborhood Council to also chair a committee.