Olympic Park Neighborhood Council July/Aug 2011

Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Wednesday, 07 September 2011 23:17
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Sam Joo was accepted as a Board Member.   Mr. Yoo is also currently with the KYCC Youth Center (LA).

The LAPD Officers presented OPNC Board with a plaque regarding the Boards continued support of Wilshire’s Youth Programs and donations to the LAPD Community.

OPNC Postcards:   Peter Schulberg led the discussion of OPNC Postcards as a useful outreach tool.  Authorization up to $140 for 5,000 units; and print-set completed.   Motion to approve  passed.

Request to authorize up to $600 for computer software/antivirus for the new OPNC Computers. Passed.

Queen Anne Rec Center, “Movies In The Park” activity held July 8 (6:00 PM).  Councilman Wesson request OPNC to co-sponsor the event.  Request for funding for food and supplies up to $2,000.00. Passed

LAPDs National Night Out:  Presentation by Officers Frank Ciezaldo to allocate up to $1000 (Wilshire, $750; Olympic, $250) towards food, supplies, and printing of flyers for the event.   Passed

Wilshire Police Dept. Open House (Aug 14, Noon – 4PM):  Discussion.   The Board agreed that OPNC should have a high presence and booth at the event.  OPNC Flyers will be distributed.

LADWP is requesting NC input on priorities, policies, and water and power rate hikes.  A NC Group is being formed www.PushBackTheTax.com to counter balance future rate hikes.   A request for OPNC support and presence at future meetings and workshops.