Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Sunday, 23 October 2011 16:15
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Motions approved:

- Allison Diamant, for the Religious/Social Services position on the Board. She lives in the Mar Vista area and is a member of the BCC (Beth Chayim Chadashim).

- to support the Fresh and Easy at 18th and La Cienega, including beer and wine sales and delivery variance.

- to oppose adoption of citywide sign ordinance because it doesn’t adequately address the many issues that would negatively impact communities.

- for $600 to fund Tree Planting Event October 2. Event will be held at 1298 S. Sycamore in the Wilshire Highland area 8:30 – 12 noon.  19 parkway trees will be planted and taking care of 10.

- Land Use Committee’s recommendation for variance for Splendid Cleaners to improve their property by adding no more than a 45 foot height.

- for Locals Sports Bar & Grill Happy Hour with the condition that they close at 11 pm, yearly public review, and change their food and alcohol ratio.

- $1,000 to Little Ethiopia Street Festival, - $2,000 to Carthay Sq. Block Club Party (October 16 noon to 4:30)

Oct 30 Pumpkin Race at Pickfair Village.

For more info - www.piconc.com