Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Sunday, 23 October 2011 16:24
Written by Dianne Lawrence

-  533 S. Western Ave. Conditional Use Permit to allow on-site sale and consumption of Beer and Wine in an existing 2,000 sq. ft. restaurant with occupancy of 83 seats. Land Use originally approved the support of project. Nathan Freeman submits floor plans. Friday through Sunday open to 2:00AM

-  To support a letter demanding retraction of an apology by Bill Handle, KFI 640AM who provides legal advice on radio station. Handle is know for allowing rascist comments.  Letter prepared with community support


- Approved $500 for the KADC to put on a youth educational event on November 19th to educate youth on the LA Riots and promote cultural awareness by showing a documentary on the subject. This will cover the cost of the venue, supplies, and lunch.

- approve $300 for a Community Clean up event providing food/refreshments and a plaque on 9/17/11 that will also honor firefighters and police officers who protect the community.

- Approve $500 for Koreatown Walking Tour to spend as they see fit.

For more info - www.wcknc.org