Neighborhood Councils Convene

Category: Neighborhood Councils
Published on Sunday, 23 October 2011 16:25
Written by Jo Schaeffer

Over 500 Neighborhood Council representatives attended the 2011 Congress of Neighborhoods Saturday 9/24 at City Hall.  Welcomed by the Congress Chair, Cindy Cleghorn, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and DONE General Manager BongHwan Kim, the Congress got off to a rousing start with a roll call of the 93 Neighborhood Councils. This was followed by two morning sessions of 7 topic workshops and a

similar afternoon session.  Topics covered Ethics, Emergency Preparedness, How to ‘s, Getting to know City Hall, effective use of volunteers and much more.  Overall the workshops catered to every level of experience and need of NC’s.  Increasingly they are moving away from dependency on DONE - understandable since DONE has been cut back to six staff members- and relying more on each other.  Following the sessions many of the participants stayed to discuss the issues as NC’s grow into the future. More independence and self reliance, a desire to run their own elections, and mentoring young NCs were some of the topics.


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