The Development of Washington Corridor

The Development of Washington CorridorIn April of 2000 I sent an e-mail to Mayor Riordan inquiring about the redevelopment of Washington Boulevard. Riordan had just sold off the last farm land between Ventura and Los Angeles County, making Los Angeles County officially land locked from the Pacific Ocean to San Bernardino County and creating…

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March Mayoral Primary 2009

Villaraigosa....a Shoo-in or a Shoe At? March Madness is our Mayoral Primary and May Day (19th) is our citywide elections for Angelenos.  Antonio Villaraigos is up for re-election in what appears to be a virtually “uncontested race.”  V is a charming gent you could easily invite to your backyard…

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Residents Try To Help Library

Residents Try To Help LibraryThe Washington Irving Library located at 4117 W. Washington Blvd. has the proud distinction of being the City’s first modern state of the art library built in the new millennium. With its multi- media computer workstations and spacious community meeting room, the library truly is a resource for quality learning…

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Hostage City: Free LA from the Union Stranglehold

When I was a young journalist, I got involved in leading my union and fighting for empowerment of journalists in the newsroom, for equal pay for women and for the integrity of the news report. It was a time when corporations were taking over newspapers and eliminating competition which is…

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Washington Corridor Update

RESIDENT COMMENTS AND OPINION (uploaded by reader) With the exception of swearing, hate speech and racial slurs, which will result in postings being eliminated, TNN does not endorse nor reject resident comments.   We support angry responses to issues but draw the line at the targeting of anyone because of…

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#1 McCarty School Comment from West Adams Avenues

From individual in West Adams Avenues Association This is an opinion piece written in response to Dianne Lawrence’s article in the most recent online edition of the Neighborhood News, “Do Wesson's Old School Politics Work For Council District 10?”, in particular to the section discussing Save Our Future at the…

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#3 McCarty School Comment: To add my opinion to the debate above

  From ljdebunker In fact, counter to what you claim, residents of West Adams Avenues did not selectively report issues to code enforcement. It was stated to code enforcement that any use at all of the McCarty property by anyone other than the church itself would need a change of…

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#4 McCarty School Comment: A further point

  From ljdebunker You claim in your article that "Councilman Wesson ... never bothered to send anyone from CD10 to the school to meet with or investigate or verify the veracity of the complaints from a few residents." Once again, your assertions are utterly incorrect. There was a long and…

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#5 McCarty School Comment: Editors response 2

Thank you for your willingness to articulate your concerns. I am glad this important issue is on the table. Of course I expected a response from the community who fought against the school and am glad that their position and point of view is being aired. A few things....more information…

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#6 McCarty School Comment: A response to the editor

From ljdebunker I'm sorry that you've not addressed any of the points raised by the first writer. You seem to have sidestepped them completely. Now you point the finger at Sylvia Lacy. I can't comment about what you describe as her actions in your gating case. I find it a…

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