#17 McCarty School Comment: My "Eye on Wesson"

  From Bella It seems to many of us as though the primary focus of The Neighborhood News is the relentless hostility you display to Herb Wesson and his deputies. It's probably worthwhile to remember that there are many eyes on the Council District, not just yours, and that not…

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#18 McCarty School Comment: Herbs Office. Without reproach?

Thank you once again for using this forum to share your point of view. If you read my comments you will see that I make a few points regarding Wesson’s CD10. I acknowledge that he has deputies who work with the community. I acknowledge that some of them are very…

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#19 McCarty School Comment: A question for you

  From Bella I'm just curious. The Building and Safety official you quote: which department was he/she from? Case Management, Plan Check, or Code Enforcement? As there were two witnesses, perhaps you can ask them if you don't know the answer.

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#20 McCarty School Comment: Answer to Bella's question

Charlotte recalls it being the case management dept. She has a name but I'm reluctant to publish it because the last time I let Wesson's office know that a city official had discussed information with me regarding contact they had with Wesson, Wesson called his superior in a fit of…

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#21 McCarty School Comment: Question to Bella

I have asked this question but didn't get an answer. If your concern was with the safety of people using the building and codes adhered to for any school that was in the building.....why did the community not raise concerns over the nursery school and dance studio that were in the location for years prior to this school?

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#22 McCarty School Comment: answer from Bella

From Bella Re the dance studio, the first I heard of it was after it was gone. Knowing now what seems to be the code, my guess is that it would not be a permitted use, and had I known about it, I would have reported it. Re the nursery…

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#23 McCarty School Comment: response to Bella 2

"Re the dance studio, the first I heard of it was after it was gone." But many other people in the community who went after the school left the dance studio alone. Which speaks to the real reason that the school was targeted. You didn't want their population in…

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#24 McCarty School Comment: Attorney Response

From Haig Ashikian Initially I want to thank those who have taken the time to voice their concerns here, I am the attorney for McCarty and Save Our Future. I am in the process of reading all of the posts here and I will be drafting a response to all of the concerns that have been expressed no later than friday.

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#25 McCarty School Comment: Lawyers info posted this week

Had a long discussion with Save Our Future's lawyer last night (see following comment) regarding the many comments that have been posted in response to the information in the Wesson article regarding the Youthbuild Charter school at Mcarty Hall. Very informative. He will be addressing all the codes and the…

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#26 McCarty School CommentAnother opinion in the mix

From "Resident" The following opinion refers to various responses by Dianne Lawrence to issues pertaining to the charter school at the McCarty Church. The CD-10 has been maligned again; and new, reputation-damaging, and possibly even career ending allegations, if true, have been made about the City’s civil servants. This does…

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