Jacks N Joe Breakfast All Day

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Published on Friday, 17 June 2011 21:41
Written by Dianne Lawrence











Feeling like some good comfort breakfast at 2 in the afternoon?

Want to take the pup along? Jacks N Joe (Pancakes n Coffee, get it?) serve up pancakes, French toast, omelets and coffee all day long in the West Adam’s community on Figueroa just ½ block north of Adams in a little side mall.

Owners Mark and Vianney Bednorz, ex USC architectural students, identified a real need for a quality, affordable food hang out, not only for USC students and teachers but for the downtown and West Adams communities as well. The open airy design (with outdoor seating) and good solid straight up food has also become a popular lunch stop for the local police force. The incredibly delicious pancakes ($6.75) have names like Hula Girl (pineapple topped with coconut) Ruby Belle (cinammon apples, pecans and brown butter sugar) WTF? (crazy shaped pancakes with sweetened cream cheese and seasonal berries) and Totally L.A. (thin pancakes with fresh fruit and sweet lemon butter). You can choose from an assortment of omelets with names like Maui Wowie (portuguese sausage and spam) and Adams N Fig (special JNJ potatoes, bacon, sausage and jack cheese).

2498 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90007   
Phone:(213) 748-4565

A big plus  if you are coming from the Crenshaw, Western Blvd. communities it's a wonderful drive along Adams. I never get tired of looking at those stately homes.

4 Stars on Yelp. Click Here for their website.


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