Homelessness in CD 10

On January 27-29th, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) completed the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, which occurs every two years. This agency, with the help of Federal, State, County, and City funds, provides shelter, housing and services to thousands of homeless in L.A. County. Their main mission, "is to support, create and sustain solutions to homelessness in Los Angeles County."  Results of the 2015 survey are not yet available. Contributed by Osmany Felipe, LA High journalism student.


Results of 2013 Los Angeles Homeless survey:

Citywide    29,682;   

Male 19,819;   Female  6,809;

Male Children 1,574;    Female children 1,479

Chronically homeless  7,173;  Substance abuse  8,997;

Mentally Ill   8,749;  Vets   3,403;  Aids survivors  283

Domestic violence survivors 2,642;  

Physical Disability  5,342


56% 25-54;  11%  18 – 24;  11% under 18;  8% 62+;

14% 55-61


43%  African American/Black   33%  White/Caucasian

21%  Hispanic/Latino   1% multi racial

1% American Indian/Alaskan native

1% Asian/Pacific Islander

Number of Unsheltered Homelessness increased 67% since 2011 

Majority of Unsheltered Homeless within LA County (73%) 

Notable exceptions 

– CD 5 (65% Sheltered) 

– CD 6 (51% Sheltered) 

– CD 14 (51% Sheltered) 


Compare 2011 to 2013

In 2011

998 total;   763 single adults;   234 family members

1 unaccompanied youth

In 2013

1,168  total;   924 single adults;  240 family members

4 unaccompanied youth

The City of Los Angeles shows a trend of decreased Sheltered and increased Unsheltered Homelessness. 

Likely contributing factors to these increases: 

– Continuing, persistent recession and high unemployment 

– The loss of critical resources available under ARRA, Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing funds 

– Lack of adequate affordable housing coupled with rising rents 

– Prison realignment strategies 

– Continued use of Community Development Block Grant Program funding formulas that heavily funds "age of housing" structures over lack of affordable housing. 

– In-migration from surrounding areas

Photo by Osmany Felipe


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