United Neighborhood Neighborhood Council UNNC March 2011

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Published on Wednesday, 13 April 2011 23:47
Written by Carla Pineda

Cycling in United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council territory will be easier in coming years.

Jeff Jacobberger of the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee gave a presentation at the March 3 meeting of UNNC’s governing board. He was there to start a dialogue between the city and the community about the 2010 Los Angeles City Bicycle Plan. The plan establishes goals, objectives, policies and programs to make the city more bicycle-friendly. Jacobberger said some of the proposed bike lanes and routes are on Adams, Exposition, Venice, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Vermont. More about the bicycle plan can be found at: click here


Another bicycle item on the agenda was a proposed city ordinance that would require bike parking be provided at any new development, major remodel or at a property where the use is changed. The proposed measure includes rules on signage, lighting, location and size requirements for bike parking. Action on the matter was tabled until the ordinance advances to a secondary draft phase.

The board voted in favor of recommendations made by the Historic Preservation Committee for the Planning Department’s draft preservation plan for the proposed Jefferson Park Historic Preservation Zone.

Some expenditures approved at the prior month’s meeting included:

-  A $1,000 allocation to the Economic Development committee to promote the Spring Fling Cleanup event on Washington Boulevard , which will be held on May and June weekends.

-    A $500 grant was given to the newly formed 30/31 block club for its inaugural block party March 20. Funding was subject to acceptance of several friendly amendments.

In addition, Ed Turner was appointed to fill a vacant seat as resident representative of Region 6.