Councilman Wesson Wins 4th Term

Herb Wesson Jr. Prevails
in his bid to be re-elected as Councilman for CD10. 

Votes and expenditures have been updated since original article.

wessonAs expected Councilman Wesson pulled well ahead of challenger Grace Yoo but was it as big an endorsement by the voters as Team Wesson had hoped for?

Candidate Herb Wesson Jr. spent $416,761.12 to Grace Yoo's $81,068.25. That money generated 8,889 votes for Herb and 4,174 votes for Grace.  Compared to his numbers to the last  election he lost votes [info corrected Mar. 30] while Grace,
 as a first time candidate facing a powerful incumbent, with a fraction of his funding - totalled nearly half of Herbs votes.  Not good enough but...not bad.

One can hope that Councilman Wesson will pay attention to these numbers and address why he didn't get more votes and why Grace got as many as she did.

  Another 5 1/2 Years

Councilmembers are termed out after three terms or 12 years but because he came to our community half way through the first term of Ludlow's representation, Councilman Wesson was given a fourth term (this election). The Charter Amendment which will place all the voting cycles on the same date, also passed giving Councilman Wesson another 5 1/2 years in our district (instead of the usual four).  At the end of his term he will have spent a whopping 15 1/2 years in our district.

Will he dig in and get involved with our small businesses, homeless issues, development along our corridors, senior citizen services, infrastructure or will he be spending his time in the power corridors of City Hall getting ready to become County Supervisor when Mark Ridley-Thomas terms out? If he loses that election....he will have to get a job in the private sector after a very long time in government so it's safe to assume he will be doing what needs to be done to ensure he doesn't lose.  Hopefully taking care of CD10 will be part of that plan.

Whatever he does, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly...The Neighborhood News will be there to report back to you. 

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